On the Manipulation of Subjective Reality

Preface: I realize that the concepts of objective and subjective reality have been discussed to death, but here I am presenting these concepts in a different light. I am concerned with how subjective reality can be, and is, manipulated by those that control the dissemination of information for their own benefit, and for the guidance of culture, or cultures, towards a definite end. When the word reality is used in this essay it is not meant to refer to some abstract conception of the universe or different dimensions, or whether or not what one sees through ones eyes actually exists or is simply their minds interpretation of light particles. Here reality means the truth and totality of world events, history, motives, etc. Objective reality means all data, subjective reality means the data contained in ones mind and ones interpretation of said data. 

On the Manipulation of Subjective Reality

     It’s ones perception of the world that shapes ones reality, and the absence of certain facts from ones consciousness can only result in an incomplete perception of reality. There are at least two types of reality, objective and subjective. Objective reality is concrete, a set of facts outside of any one person’s perception, that encompasses all data. Theoretically, objective reality is the absolute truth. Subjective reality is an individuals interpretation, or perception, of a small cross section of the data that constitute objective reality. It is impossible to have a complete knowledge of objective reality. In order to do so one would have to know everything. This means one can only have a subjective view of reality, shaped by the bits and pieces of objective reality that one has gathered.

Culture is “the behavior and beliefs characteristic of a certain group”. Culture can be said to be a common illusion of objective reality, a common set of myths or mythos, or a common subjective reality. It is a force that works to shape a common subjective interpretation of a selection of the data that make up objective reality. Individuals within the group each have a more refined subjective reality, generally held within the boundaries of their culture. This may be why each culture is different from the others. Having developed isolated from other cultures, they have each developed a different interpretation of the data. And having at their disposal different pieces of objective reality, they have had different data to interpret.

The mythos, defined as “the complex of beliefs, values, attitudes, etc., characteristic of a specific group or society”, determines what a group of people within a given culture consider to be normal, which means “conforming to the standard or common type”. Ones subjective reality, usually similar to the mythos of ones culture, then defines normal for this person. The mythos is constantly evolving and is guided by the most widely known data present within the culture.

Those within, outside or above the culture who have the ability to disseminate information en masse have a major influence in determining the current mythos. Therefore, those with the ability to disseminate information en masse can determine what individuals within the culture consider to be normal by regulating which bits of information make their way into our perception. In this way the subjective reality of large groups of people, (culture or mythos), can be manipulated quite easily given modern technology’s amazing capacity for reaching billions of people, and given the fact that a large percentage of the tools for disseminating information en masse are in the hands of a rather small group of people. The Department of Defense and many public relations firms call this technique perception management. [1]

We’ve all been given this common subjective reality (if you are reading this you are most likely a member of the same culture as the author) by our culture and by those who can influence culture. We share a common set of ideas, concepts, language, etc., that allows our society to function. This we generally accept as objective reality. But if ones sources of information are strictly authorized outlets, i.e. those capable of disseminating information en masse, then one can be led to believe that their subjective reality is indeed objective reality. Especially if one does not understand this concept. In fact, in that case the thought may never even occur and most within the culture might believe that it is objective reality, simply because most people agree that it is.

By independent study of pieces of objective reality (replicable scientific experiments for example) or by independent study of a multitude of other people’s subjective reality (investigative reports, books, etc), and ones own observations, one can piece together a picture of what may be a small portion of objective reality. But one is always left with their unique perception of data, subjective reality.

How does one know what’s real and what’s fake or misrepresented? There isn’t a satisfactory answer to that question, ultimately it’s up to each individual to decide. However the popular version of reality that has been created for us by our culture is not objective reality. It’s simply our perception, our interpretation, of the information that has been selectively presented to us. A good deal of data have intentionally been left out, leaving us with a provably false perception of reality.

To date, observation and compilation of gathered data have led some to the understanding that there exists a concerted effort to manipulate exactly which bits and pieces we all get. In this way the regulators of information are free to create whatever pseudo-objective reality they choose, which will most likely benefit its creators. By design it keeps some of us prisoners, physically and mentally.

Since there are, at least, trillions of bits of data and we are given only a small percentage of them, what reason do we have to believe that the mythos is indeed objective reality? So much is left out. The more facts one can gather, the easier it becomes to see that the common illusion is simply a mass, meshed, consensual subjective reality. A real life cave, a la Plato’s Republic.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perception_management



  1. As a longtime student of the nature of reality, I have done a lifelong survey of as many far flung bits of data and properly instituted information streams as I could fit into my busy days.
    I studied esoterica and exoterica to develop a synthesis of thought on my own–over time–and now find that most people who’ve lived their lives vicariously through media venues now cast me as some kind of outsider/different freak of nature and society.
    That’s ok. I don’t need or want to judge them. They are what they are, which is basically, a product of their own particular influences and media choices with which they’ve been bathing their brain cells.
    My studies continue as I still seek deeper knowledge of the nature of reality.
    It’s fun!
    And it’s also rather lonely!
    I’ve studied myself into a place where only a very few can even begin to understand me!
    Ah, well! I’ve made some interesting discoveries which now give me vantage points regarding human nature and the gaining momentum of a type of group-ignorance and sociopathy wherein dysfunctional behavior is slowly being accepted as the new normal and where the more evolved and advanced human who strives for higher levels of emotional intelligence is seen as the less-numerous, less-normalized freak.
    I think the road to self-disintegration via the media has been travelled long enough now and the societies that are subjected to the low level energy messages of the dark tetrad have had enough damage done to real people and real lives. Humanity’s progress has been hampered by the slow infusion of negative information to the masses.
    Fed a steady diet of cheap pablum, they whine like malnourished, ignorant infants who’ve been kept down with the mind control of media giants.
    Having watched this happen over the course of the last 50 years, I have to say that not only am I lonely in my research and enlightenment practices but I am also saddened that many have been led astray in the march towards irresponsible social manipulation.
    The experiment worked. People are completely lost in the Cave of Illusion!! Maybe it’s time to move towards the next synthesis of thought which allows for those who are stuck inside (The Allegory of The Cave)–where shadows dance on the walls and everyone thinks that’s as real as it gets– finally get up and get out of the Cave to stand in the sunshine of the more Real Reality.
    Ah, Plato! How fortunate was I to study thee as an impressionable youth!
    I somehow understood immediately that The Allegory of The Cave was very similar to the TV and movie watching habits of the greater population and, in recognizing this, began to search much deeper for the answers to the many questions about life.
    In my life process, I’ve also attempted to inculcate this search for Truth in my own offspring. I feel fortunate that they have taken to my casual yet very directed instructions!
    The young people are important. We must endeavor to guide them with integrity and purpose for their best lives and for the very advancement of mankind. To do any less is to neglect our stewardship on this planet and to our offspring and the greater group.
    Taking good care is very important!
    Thank you for presenting this information here and for allowing me to comment on it today!
    Be well, everyone! Life is good!!

    1. I find that very few people understand this essay. Good job in reaching this understanding on your own, I’m glad someone else gets it.

      1. You are very nice to say this, Pea Tear. I’m ok with being different. Studying Plato was very eye-opening for me.
        Given the chance to create a life path that gave me the most promising avenues for success, I’ve found that awareness and adaptability are very key. I was never content to just achieve mediocrity. If it was good enough for others then that’s ok but it was never good enough for me.
        I set my sights high and after reading the Allegory, I decided that getting out of the cave of illusion was my singular purpose.
        It could be that very few people have read and understand the Allegory of The Cave so they really don’t even know what they don’t know.
        Not knowing–to begin with–is a very weak position to come from. Not knowing where one is going increases that weak positioning.
        That kind of life choice just didn’t suit me so I’ve made a lifetime study of what’s real amidst my other activities in life.
        The thing that seems completely outrageous and that I can’t understand is why so many people are complacent with their lives of mediocrity.
        I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to go through personal metamorphoses throughout their lives as its been my main driving focus throughout mine.
        I think it has to do with energy levels. Many in modern society seem completely absorbed in low level energy transfers rather than inspired to raise their consciousness to higher levels and break out of the painful group think that they consider to be the only reality worth dealing with.
        I somehow knew I would break away from their low level transfers and I’ve been very fortunate to bring that about even amidst tragedy and being hit with random salvos of disordered personalities that have attacked me in various ways.
        I’ve dipped out of their world and though, as I mention, it’s lonely, I do prefer being able to discern the natures of the subjective and the objective realities.
        It’s really just way more fun on this level!! Life is really fantastic!!

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